Who are you?

Thomas Tandlerov is a Quaker composer and musician from Bethesda, Maryland, although he was born in the District of Columbia.  He has been studying music since he was twelve, and has been composing for the last three years.  He loves learning to play new instruments, and currently plays fourteen different ones.  His favorite is definitely his english horn, which he received as a gift when he became an Eagle Scout in 2010. 

    Tandlerov plays third chair oboe in two different symphony orchestras, and is currently the director of the Earlham College Oboe Consort.  His works have been performed both in the United States and abroad (in Italy). 


What you should know

2012 Works:

- Greyscale Suite, Movements 1-4

- Songs of Travel (I, II, III, IV, & VIII)

  1. -Tripping Over You

  2. -Ulverston Suite (Movements I & II)

  3. -Songs from Everblue, Prelude and Luna’s Song

About Me

About Commissions

I take commissions throughout the year, although I ask that you give me a reasonable amount of time to do my work.  I do charge for commissions, but it’s not much. 

Basic Commission Pricing (Not including printing/shipping costs)

Solo Instrument - $15

(without accompaniment, not including Piano)

Piano Solo - $30

Solo Instrument and Piano - $40

(Includes score and part)

Small Ensemble Chamber Music - $50

(3 - 5 instruments.  Score and complete parts set)

Large Chamber Ensemble - $50 - $100

(6 - 14 Instruments. Score and complete parts set)

Full Orchestra Music - $100+

(15+ instruments.  Score and complete parts set)

Commissions are printed by the Subito Music Corporation in New Jersey.  Page size is 9”x12” on 60# paper with a heavier, glossy cover sheet.  Published copies will include a page with a short composer bio, some notes about the piece, specific performance notes, and a list of other works available. 

There is a small, one-time set up fee the printers charge me for every new document I send them to print (So, documents with multiple parts will have this fee many times over), which will be added to the commission fee.  The price of the printing will also be added, as well as the cost of shipping (usually around $10). 

One final note:  It is extremely helpful during the printing process for me to know how many of each string part to make.  Please specify a configuration.  Otherwise I will assume that I’m writing for an 8-8-6-6-4 configuration for smaller works, and an 8-8-8-8-4 for larger ones.

Prices for orchestrations follow the same scale as compositions, but are negotiable.